At the heart of the gorgeous Alsatian vineyards, the Vieille Forge Estate runs 10 acres where 1/3 is dedicated to the production of Grands Cru wines : Sporen, Sonnenglanz, Mandelberg and Schoenenbourg near the villages of Bennwihr, Beblenheim, Zellenberg, Riquewihr, Ribeauvillé and Kientzheim.


The Grand Cru SPOREN is located in the south of Riquewihr, in a natural topographical circus, sloping gently. Its exposure is southeast. The combination of sun, clay soil basement, and good water drain provides the best conditions for vine growing. These soil characteristics are important during dry seasons and explain the character and the balance of the wines produced in this particular “Terroir”.

The Sporen wine is a ” Très Grand Vin d’Alsace”.

SPOREN Grand Cru Riesling & SPOREN Grand Cru Gewurtztraminer



The SONNENGLANZ delimited area rises steadily from 220 to 270 m and is one of the most famous Alsace vineyards. The vine benefits from maximum sun exposure in the morning, a suitable weather for grape maturation without any strong sun exposure. Its location immediately behind Beblenheim, explains the name of this “terroir” : SONNENGLANZ (meaning ‘bright ray of lignt’ in German). The stony soils primarily consist of marlstone and limestone. The presence of marlstone and the excellent sun exposure ensure that unique grapes grow there particularly the Gewurztraminer. Il is the SONNENGLANZ’ dominant grape variety.

SONNENGLANZ Grand Cru Gewurtztraminer & SONNENGLANZ Grand Cru Pinot Gris


MANDELBERG is a Grand Cru vineyard located between Mittelwihr and Beblenheim. Mandelberg means ‘Hill of Almonds’ in German. Almond trees have been planted here for many centuries and now live side by side with grape vines. The legend says that Attila the Hun might have left seeds inadvertendly when he crosses the region…

The MANDELBERG rises gently from 200 to 250m. The grappes are exposed to the full force of the afternoon sunshine. This warmer climate and the marlstone soil allow MANDELBERG wines to be opulent with a powerful balance.

Riesling, Muscat and Gewurztraminer make up the majority of the MANDELBERG vines.